You may reach customer service by e-mail: support@Trident Global or by visiting our VoIP support page. We'll be happy to assist you with any question or concern you may have.
We currently offer support in English and Russian, and use phone, email and live chat.
Our live support hours by phone are from 9AM to 5PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). However, we do have staff attending your email requests beyond these support hours.
We always do whatever's possible to have you up and running. Customer support is an important part of our philosophy. We'll do our best to help you no matter the type of equipment you are using. In the case of Asterisk, we can have a technician enter your server and configure the basics for you (working trunk and extension).
The account will initially include 20 channels which allow a maximum of 20 simultaneous calls. If you require additional channels, contact us and we'll add these at no additional cost beyond the initial 20 channels.
Any SIP compatible software or hardware is supported including: Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS, Snom, Linksys, 3CX, FreePBX, Trixbox, Cisco, eyeBeam, Bria, Zoiper and many more.
Trident Global Services accepts E.164, for example: 14087658080, 442074938000.
Trident Global Services supports both IP ACL and password based authentication. When creating new account at Setup -> SIP Accounts, you will be able to choose which authentication type you desire per sip account.
Trident Global Services SIP Termination is a proxy service. We do not absorb media. Your media is routed directly to the closest demarcation point of the carriers.
Trident Global Services utilizes a virtual IP at each of its POPs for high availability. However, in case the entire local network (AS network) goes down, it may be useful to use multiple POPs for higher redundancy.
Trident Global Services has a large network of globally distributed POPs. We recommend making a ping test from your own network where the media servers are located to find the closest POP to your network: - uswest.sip.Trident Global - useast.sip.Trident Global - tokyo.sip.Trident Global - singapore.sip.Trident Global - brazil.sip.Trident Global - ireland.sip.Trident Global You can always use sip.Trident Global which will attempt to determine the POP that is closest to you. Due to technical limitations, it will not always return the best results for you. We are aware that not all SIP proxies support DNS-based configuration of peers, which is why we will notify you via email in case we plan to change an IP address for a POP. However, we strongly advise to use DNS based configuration if possible.
CDR records are accessible through the customer portal and are updated almost instantly, within minutes of call completion.
Trident Global Services currently does not support encryption methods for SIP or RTP. However, we will soon be offering support for the following SIP TLS and SRTP. For ultimate RTP security, we recommend that customers use ZRTP lookup.
We do not support establishment of IPSec with customers at this point, however, we are planning to offer this in the near future. If you require it, please contact us.
We only provide DNS A records to point to our SIP proxies. sip.Trident Global will provide different results based on GeoIP lookup.