Trident Global Services has been operating in the business VoIP industry long enough to secure an extensive network of international telecom partners and servers worldwide. Therefore, we are able to offer competitive low rates of SIP voice origination and termination to clients seeking excellent voice communication quality at an affordable cost.
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Voice Over IP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is essentially the technology that makes telephone calls over the Internet possible. Instead of using traditional phone lines as voice calls’ infrastructure, VoIP uses broadband connection for the same process.
Session Initiation Protocol refers to the signaling protocol used to establish sessions in an IP network. SIP trunking is another term that refers to VoIP service, where Internet based telphone service providers provide voice services to customers with IP PBX.
Call origination refers to calls initiated by a calling party using a telephone exchange of PSTN, and reaching a VoIP endpoint. Call termination refers to the reverse process, whereby a call is initiated by a VoIP caller with a PSTN endpoint. Trident Global Services proudly offers carrier-grade voice termination, voice or voip origination solution, toll-free DIDs and wholesale SMS, among others.
DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing (or DDI – Direct Dialing In in Europe), a VoIP feature that allows the designation of a number or a range of numbers to one or multiple phone lines. Trident Global Services offers a fully customizable toll-free origination service for businesses, call centers and any other company in need of being accessible to its audiences.
Trident Global Services passes the customer's caller ID to its carriers at all times. When configuring a SIP account (Setup -> SIP accounts -> Edit account), you can choose if you wish Trident Global Services to pass caller ID, restrict it or override it with pre-configured setting at the SIP account configuration. You can configure the account to respect caller ID based on SIP header "From", "P-Asserted-Identity" or "Remote-Party-ID".
Most definitely! We offer a complete voice termination service in practically every country. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality routes and reliable all-around service. For this reason we are the No. 1 choice of termination for VoIP providers, SMBs & enterprises, calling card operators and more business segments.
We support the following codecs: G.729a, G.711u/a, GSM, ADPCM, iLBC
For best sound quality and, assuming you have the bandwidth available, we recommend G.711u. However, you can still maintain an excellent voice quality and lower bandwidth usage with codecs such as G.729.
Trident Global Services's termination service will work over any type of Internet connection that has relatively low and stable latency. Wireless Internet connections sometimes suffer from fluctuating latency and packet loss, both of which would cause sub-optimal audio quality. Most satellite Internet connections will have issues with delayed or choppy audio due to the inherent amount of latency. Our recommendation is that you check the ping times to our POPs. We recommend an Internet connection with ping times below 230ms.
Yes, at Pricing -> Termination, click on Download as CSV.
We do offer Voice Termination for Predictive/Progressive/Automated Dialers of all types to most major destinations worldwide. For more indormation contact us at sales@Trident Global
Yes! Trident Global Services is happy to offer a rewarding partners program where IT professionals can join as VoIP reseller, VoIP carrier or VoIP provider. Make use of our carrier-grade VOIP service and call quality to create a residual business for yourself!