We accept the following payment methods: Wire transfer - $100 (USD) minimum per transaction. Please make sure you elect to pay all of your bank's related charges/fees. Not doing so will result in these charges be deducted from the original amount wired. PayPal Express Checkout - No limit to the amount we will accept on condition that the account is FULLY VERIFIED & ADDRESS CONFIRMED. We require a government issued photo ID and utility bill (for example, gas bill, electricity bill, cable bill). This needs to be done for each new PayPal account you would like to use. Credit card - Payments will be accepted up to $500 in any 24 hour period. We require a copy of the front and back of the card (blanking out the middle 8 digits) and a copy of a government issued photo ID. Both must be emailed or faxed to us at billing@Trident Global This needs to be done for each new card you would like to use.
There are NO hidden charges or monthly subscription fees. Signing up is FREE and you are only committed to the calling plan you signed up for.
There is a minimum top-up value of $25. This minimizes our admin expenses, allowing us to keep rates low.
Before jumping right in to our free trial, we recommend that you explore our full range of industry-grade A-Z VoIP termination solutions. Once you have registered for your free VoIP trial, you will be given a small amount of credit to test the service ($0.20 USD which gives you approximately 30 call minutes).
Billing increment is the way we calculate our rates in order to bill your calls. For example, if you call the Unites States for 10 seconds, you will be charged for only 10 seconds (call minimum is 1 second, and 1x10 seconds since this is a 1 second increment call), instead of the minute. If you call Mexico for 10 seconds, you will be charged for 1 whole minute (60 seconds minimum call charge, 60 second increments) since Mexico is the only country exception to our standard 1 second requirement.
Here are our billing increments by location: USA and Canada: 1 second initial; 1 second increments Mexico: 60 seconds initial; 60 second increments Gambia: 60 seconds initial; 1 second increments Other countries: 1 seconds initial; 1 second increments