About Trident Global Services

Who We Are

Trident Global Serives is owned and operated by Karyon Global Corporation,a leading IT & Telecom company founded in 2011 and operating from Sugar Land Tx, USA.

Trident gives you the complete, sophisticated, unified communications solution, powered by the most comprehensive and robust platform ever created.Our Carrier Service enables Wholesale as well Smaller Service Providers, Call Centers, Call Shops and Businesses to access a highly redundant, well interconnected network. Our network connects into some of the biggest international and local providers enabling us to offer an unrivalled combination of price and quality.

Our strategically located POP’s and a network of more than 200 Vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa providers high Quality Termination and Origination Services at a most competitive price.

Trident Global Advantage

  • High Quality with competitive International Rates
  • Wide Range of Direct Routes
  • Online Customer/Vendor Boarding Process
  • Multiple IP Backbone
  • Scalable Infrastructure without Capital Investment
  • Team of Highly Trained Professionals - 24x7